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24 September 2021

“To whom it may concern, please be advised of the following; My mother is a resident of the above nursing home for the last 4 years. On no occasion was I or any other family member ever prevented from visiting her. During the Covid pandemic we were provided with alternative arrangements but now visiting is back to normal again. I Would like to thank the staff of St Theresa's for all their hard work during the pandemic as they successfully kept Covid at bay. MB”


23 September 2021

“Visits to see my Mother at St Theresa’s Nursing Home, Thurles, Co Tipperary

Our family visit our Mother in St Theresa’s on a regular basis and are very happy with the care provided to her, she is happy when we visit. We, as a family, prefer to do outside visits in the Summer and window visits when the weather is cold at other times of the year. We are all of the same mind that we would not want to have an indoor visit because of Covid19 and we all feel very strongly that we don’t want to visit inside the nursing home during this time. Previous to Covid, we had indoor visits and we were made very welcome during our visits at St Theresas, the staff were all lovely to us.

We have been offered indoor visits, we are fully aware that we are entitled to have indoor visits if we wanted the option and we have made it clear to the staff at St Thereas when we are asked if we want an inside visit that we prefer to have only outside visits.. There was only one occasion we took the option of an indoor visit this summer, when my Mother’s brother, visited during the summer and on a day it was raining when we arrived. We had booked an outdoor visit for that day but the rain would have made it very difficult for my Uncle. We were both vaccinated, as was my Mother, we wore our masks and sat at a distance in the sitting room which allowed us safe distance from each other.

As a family, we choose not to but anyone at risk, that is our united decision based on how we care about not just the wellbeing of our Mother but of all residents in St Theresas as well as the staff who have been very facilitating to us on our outside visits throughout Covid. We can phone in advance and get an appointment time for our visits, our Mother has had many outside visits and been able to sit outside in the sun with us which we all love to see her being able to sit outside.

We value the commitment of Ann Fitzpatrick and how she manages St Theresa’s and in particular her care to our Mother, we value the staff who we see on our visits who bring residents out for little walks on the ground and we have seen the patients look happy and content. As a family we feel fortunate that our Mother is in a nursing home that provides such good care to our Mother who we find very happy each time we visit and that is very reassuring to us. NM”


22 September 2021

“Since the Covid19 outbreak I and my immediate family have been very grateful for the sacrifices made by the Matron and staff of Saint Theresa's in Thurles in keeping this deadly virus out of the facility. It is obvious that everyone has the best interests of their own families as well as the service users in their place of work.

I am delighted that my Mother chose St Theresa's to spend her final days and is quiet content with the care she is receiving.

While I missed visits to Mam during the long lockdowns when neither I could travel nor my Mam could have visits, I was more than content in the knowledge that Mam's care family were doing a super job that I could not.

Since the opening up to real life once again, I enjoy regular visits which both I and Mam like to spend in the front garden of her Nursing home. I am aware that visits can be booked inside the Home, but while the weather permits, both Mam and myself will continue to chat outside. With the approach of Winter our visits will, Covid19 Government regulations permitting, take place indoors.

Great credit is due to the Saint Theresa's family for Mam's happiness and good health, and I look forward to many more healthy and happy years for Mam. BC”


22 September 2021

“Dear Ann

Further to our earlier conversation I would like to confirm that over the past few months while organising visits to see Mum our family have been offered the option of both indoor and/or outdoor visits. In my case each time I visited (as the weather was very good) I opted for the outdoor visit to minimise any risk to my mum as I was aware that other care facilities in the area were struggling with Covid 19 cases. Some of my siblings opted for an indoor visit which was facilitated but when weather permitted they also opted for the outdoor visit.

In conclusion I would like to thank you and all your fantastic staff for the continued excellent, friendly and compassionate care and attention my Mum receives at Saint Theresa's where she has been very happy since she first moved in three years ago. VM”


22 September 2021

“Dear Sir/Madame,

Please be advised that the family of ‘resident’ are very satisfied with the care ‘resident’ is receiving at St Theresa's Nursing Home. ‘Resident’ has on numerous occasions told me how happy she is with the care she has received at St Theresa's since she arrived there 2 years ago. Furthermore, Anne Fitzpatrick and her staff have always facilitated both me and the resident’s family in visiting her while adhering to the covid restrictions. We had visits both in the nursing home and when the weather permitted we had outdoor visits. JK”


22 September 2021

“I would like to say that I am very happy with the care my aunt is receiving in St. Theresa’s nursing home. I have always been facilitated on my visits. I always find the staff in St Theresa’s very accommodating and helpful. PW”


22 September 2021 14:05

“Hi Ann, I want to thank you for facilitating both indoor and outdoor visits for my Dad, and the rest of the family over the last number of months. Mum is doing very well and a big thanks to you and your team for your ongoing support. BB”


22 September 2021

“Good afternoon, With regard to our x being a resident with yourselves, we feel we cannot speak highly enough of the care and attention received every day. Anytime, we visit, we can see all his needs and requirement are met. Regarding visiting during these Covid times, Family members have had the choice of an outside visit or a visit within the home. I personally have opted for an outside visit all Summer as the weather has been pleasant. I also know from a Family member, she had a lovely visit recently within the home as she actually referred to the lovely comfortable sitting room.  Many thanks for all your care. J&K.”


22 September 2021

“Hi Ann, Just to confirm that my indoor visits to my mother were facilitated at all times once restrictions were lifted, and for that I am very grateful to St. Theresa's nurses and staff. CC”


15 September 2021

“Ann, I can confirm that I or my family have not had any difficulty in arrangement or the practice of visiting our Mam (inside or outdoors) in your facility. I think that the care has been and continues to exemplary and we as a family thank you continually. IC”


"Thank you for the great care you and your staff are giving to my mam. The quality of care she is getting is excellent. I am always impressed with how clean and tidy you and your staff maintain the place, while at the same time providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for both patient and their visiting families."




"Dear Ann,

I am writing to express my gratitude for all that you and your staff have done to keep my mother, and of course all of the residents, safe and well during this difficult and unprecedented time.

I appreciate the efforts made by you and your staff in organising zoom calls and photos when it wasn't possible for family to visit.

I have always found St. Theresa's nursing home to be very clean, organised and welcoming.

I wish you well for continued health and safety during this pandemic and for the future.

Thank you. CC"



"My Aunt has resided in St Teresa’s since last January. Before the shutdown happened in March I found the nursing home to be exceptionally clean and well looked after. The staff are very welcoming and warm and took time to help my aunt settling in. All the staff seem to have a very good report with all the residents. My aunt loves Music and they made an iPad available to her to listen to her favourite musicians. After March when visiting was no longer an option St Theresa's kept me informed by phone on my aunt’s well-being. They made a mobile phone available to the residence which meant I could speak with my aunt on a regular basis. Overall, I have found St Theresa's to be a very caring, clean and well run nursing home. TF"



"I want to thank you and the staff of St Theresa’s nursing home for the wonderful care my father has received and continues to receive since he moved to Thurles in June 2019.

From his point of view he is extremely happy and content and frequently tells me how good the staff are to him. He really enjoys the fact that the nursing home is so close to the Anner Hotel, and that his family and visitors can take him on frequent outings there.

He has also told me on many occasions that no matter when he asks for a little snack, day or night, it is provided to him, and for him this makes him feel like he is at home.

From my point of view I am very pleased with the homely and friendly atmosphere that I get every time I walk through the door to visit.

There appears to be a very small turnover of staff which adds to the friendliness of St Theresa’s, is comforting for my father and indicates to me that St Theresa’s is a very well run establishment.

My family have to travel from far and wide to see our father and the good road and rail connections to Thurles gratefully facilitate us with our frequent visits.

Finally, Matron, from time to time either I or one of my three sisters request a little meeting to update ourselves on how our father is doing. We greatly appreciated the knowledgeable feedback we get and the willingness of you and your staff to work with us and our father to deal with whatever medical issue and/or concerns our father may have.

I am delighted to see that my 86-year-old father is always treated with dignity, kindness and respect by every member of medical and general staff in the nursing home.

I am confident that my father is being very well cared for, both physically and mentally and for that I thank you and the staff from the bottom of my heart. JK"



"I am writing to wish you and your staff and residents a happy and peaceful New Year.

I would also like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent care that you give to our father. Since dad arrived in the nursing home, initially on a respite break last June, his health and wellbeing has markedly improved. I am especially surprised and pleased to see that his mobility has improved and to see him walking down the hall to join the other residents at breakfast, when at home he rarely moved from his chair. In recent years Dad had been very ill at home. He had many falls and many visits to A&E. By the time he arrived with you, he was exhausted and demoralised. We too, as his daughters were constantly worried about him and crisis managing.

We were so glad that you were able to offer him respite while we tried to source better home care and even more glad when Dad decided that he wanted to stay in St. Theresa' s instead of returning home. Although Dad has complex medical needs, we have been so reassured by the kind, patient and highly professional care that you give to him. The way you manage the nursing home fosters these qualities in your staff as well. The whole atmosphere of the home is both professional and homely.

I really enjoy my visits to Dad. It is lovely to see the relationship he has with all of you and how safe and well cared for he is. Myself and my sisters as well as extended family always feel welcome. I would also like to compliment you on the homely decor, the presence of fresh flowers, the standard of cleanliness and how everybody makes time to stop and talk.

I wish you all the best in this New Year in your work in St. Theresa's. JK"



"Dear Ann,

I had to put pen to paper to thank you for including me in your wonderful staff during these challenging times. Also, I wish to congratulate you on the amazing team you have built. They are second to none.

I have had much experience over a 30 years since qualification and feel strongly about this. I came from general in the Mater and I know I was only planning to be there for help during the initial crisis. I registered with the Hse Ireland on call to help as relief (despite being out of nursing for a number of years )and also An Board Altranais for nursing homes to be of help when this virus had us in its first grip.

I know you are well aware hadn’t intended to stay for more than the initial crisis as the sheer travel time was a huge commitment (90 km twice a day) however I stayed while it was possible purely because of the dynamics and absolutely superior care that I witnessed being given to the wonderful residents.

Once I had completed my initial training with you and all the staff nurses there was never a time that I didn’t have someone to call or someone there to help.

You were there every day tirelessly ensuring everything was done correctly and Ann that continued when you not there thanks to the calibre of staff.

At handover nobody was in a rush to leave until everything was done.

Your door was always open to everyone and if not physically with us (a rarity) immediately contactable by phone.

The kitchen staff always ready to provide a cup of tea and biscuit to the residents no matter what time of day....or number of times a day .

The Household staff never stopping through the day cleaning watching and spraying disinfecting and sorting.

The carers looking after the basic needs physically and psychologically and always with genuine kindness and compassion.

My happiest memories (and these girls know who they are I hope) are the ones of the sing songs and dancing and draughts games the quizzes and the banter between all the residents able to participate and staff.

Sitting outside in the sun singing. Special times.

Putting in hair colours painting nails because of COVID all outsiders was not possible, but the girls made it possible.

Residents walking around the garden with the girls who know what the priority is.

The painting and knitting and crochet (I’m an expert at casting on and off now, nothing else) and then the girls taking the squares our two super knitters with a purpose (to create a blanket subsequently raffled for a very deserving charity)

The pride of our two special ladies at their achievement ..this is immeasurable.

Our Gentleman who loves to walk constantly around the grounds and has a lovely feather in his hat.

Our birdwatcher.

The Skype calls and birthday tea.

Privileged times.

You are all in my thoughts all the time and always happy memories.

Everyone is on one page to keep COVID out and keep these special people safe.

Please God when this all passes we will meet up again.

This is my experience in St Theresas nursing home.

Stay safe all ,

With best wishes to all always .

It’s been my privilege."

Róisín Monahan RGN




I want to say how happy I am that my brother is in your care. In the two years he has been with you I have never had cause to complain. Everytime I've visited before covid I've been met with friendship from all the staff. All my brother's needs have been met with great care and understanding. Your facility is spotless and safe.

Since covid I've had the window visits and I can see my brother is happy and well cared for. Even to speak to him on the phone he is not at a loss for anything. Your staff have a great rapport with the patients which is lovely to see.

Can I say thank you for everything you have and are doing during these times to keep everyone safe. Regards, MR"



"Hello Ann,

As we approach another Christmas, in the strangest of times, I want to say a very special thank you to both you and your wonderful staff the way you have protected and kept safe my brother and the other patients. I am sure, it is a daunting task to keep covid 19 out of the nursing home, as it is going on for so long. Hopefully the vaccine will be available shortly and we can get back to some kind of normality.

For over two years now that my brother is in your nursing home, the staff have been just brilliant to him, he enjoys the crack with them and he feels as though it is one big family. It is a great comfort to us to see how well cared for he is and is living in such a safe environment.

From the beginning the one thing that stood out is the cleanliness of the nursing home, from the grounds outside to his bedroom, sitting room, dining room and that standard hasn't changed. For that we thank you.

You are also very good at contacting us if the need arises.

No words can really state how much we appreciate having our brother taken care of so well.

Many thanks Ann. MC"




As we go to the end of 2020 and all of the woes that go with it, I thought it timely to say thank you for looking after Mam in this challenging year.

It has been a great relief to us as a family that Mam is in safe surroundings and receiving excellent care. The care and attention has been evident to us each time we have been talking to you and each time we have had a visit or a skype call.

That St Theresas has been free of COVID is a testament to your attention to the important details and keeping the risk of infection to a minimum.

Mam is in good hands and seeing her happy and contented brings us no end of comfort.....keep up the good work, the high standards and the caring ethos

Regards, IC"



"Dear Ann

I felt it necessary to write and thank you most sincerely for the care and attention given to my mother during her time in St Theresa's. Mum has had nothing but praise for yourself and all your excellent care staff. I can assure you that if mum was unhappy with any aspect of her care she would be very quick to complain to yourself and especially to myself or one of my three siblings.

I myself have been extremely impressed on each of my visits with the cleanliness of the facility and also the wonderful friendly interaction between staff and residents. There's always something going on including music, singsongs and the very important chats between the residents themselves and the staff on duty keeping the spirits up. There's soft drinks, biscuits and sweets on offer throughout the day and the atmosphere in the dayroom is always a happy one. A special thank you to Matthew and the catering staff for providing appetising meals with a personal touch always with a smile and time for a chat on his rounds.

All of the above are the reasons my mother now calls St Theresa's home and gives great peace of mind to us as a family knowing that she is happy and being very well cared for especially in these difficult Covid times.

I look forward to my upcoming visit and hope to see you then. With my best regards, VM"



"I worked as a staff nurse at St. Theresa's nursing home for three and half years and I have to say it's a gorgeous residential home always spotless, tidy and clean with an excellent standard of care and attention given by fabulous staff. The residents are cared for with greatest respect and dignity. I am so happy and proud to say that I worked with a brilliant team and wonderful residents. St. Theresa's is a special place as it is free of COVID-19 under Ann's special guidance and care to everyone. No words can ever be strong enough to express my gratitude to all the staff and Ann for all the support and care."

Remya Mary John, RGN


"Kindness and positive regards are the corner stones of St. Theresa's Nursing Home, Thurles.  It is a place where people are valued and respected, both staff and residents.  It is a place where standards of care are high and expected, and all of its ethos of practice revolves around the resident. The older person is valued as an individual and this is reflective in the care provided. I have had a wide and varied 20 years career, nationally and internationally and I am proud to say that I have worked in St.  Theresa's."

Noreen Whitehead, RN, BNS, RM, Msc.


"St.Theresa's nursing home is a warm, friendly, open and welcoming environment that you feel the moment you walk through the door. The staff here are exceptional-a dedicated team passionate about making St.Theresa's a special place for each and every Resident. The care is second to none and I would not hesitate in recommending St.Theresa's to anybody whether it be as a place of work or as a home or respite facility for a loved one.   Ann Fitzpatrick, the owner and manager is a truly warm and lovely person who is extremely approachable and always has the best interest of each Resident at the foremost of her priorities. A wonderful place to be and a place I will never forget as I worked here as a nurse at the beginning of my career."

Maura O'Brien. R.G.N.


"Let me start by saying that my mother is a resident there for over two years so as a result I am a regular visitor there myself.

I am unable to put into words the care that she receives there, she is so happy and feels so safe. The staff in St Theresa's are just unbelievable the care and time they give to the residents is immeasurable and they are always so considerate and kind to all family members.

As the Christmas season is in full swing the Nursing home is beautifully decorated including a fabulous tree which would lift your heart. Earlier on in the month they had Christmas Carol singers and a surprise visit from Daniel O Donnell which was worth more to my mother than winning the lotto!

On my weekend visits, I bring my mother out but to be honest she is always really anxious to get back to the Nursing Home where she feels so comfortable and safe. She is on first name terms with all the staff and as an outsider looking in it is like one big happy family.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Ms Ann Fitzpatrick on the fine establishment that she runs. MB"



"My mother is a resident in this nursing home and has been for approx. the last 3 years. She is extremely content there, and now regards it as her home.

I would go so far as to say that when we bring her out to our house for a day each week, she gets anxious to get back in for early evening.

The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and as mentioned she feels very much at home there. PK"



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness to my Mother, as she enters her second year in her "House" , Saint Theresas. I am delighted to see Mam in such great form as she heads towards her 95th Birthday and her 2nd Birthday needing 24 hour nursing care. We couldn't have looked after Mam without you. It's always lovely to see the kindness in the faces of your staff and to hear Mam praising them. I never have a worry about the care Mammy receives. Please pass on my … sincere thanks for the care and kindness to Mam. BC"



"In September 2018 our mom had a fall and following a short period of hospitalization she decided she was unable to continue to live independently and expressed her wish to be cared for by the Nursing Staff and Care team in St Theresa’s nursing home in Thurles. Almost sixteen months have passed since then and Mom is very well settled and content in her new ‘home from home’. We are so very impressed with the standard of care our mom receives from all the staff of St Thereasa’s and no matter when we call the welcome is second to none. The staff are always pleasant, kind, attentive and offer an exemplary standard of care and commitment to the needs of all their patients. In my opinion St Tereasa’s nursing has and continues to provide the high standard of care we would wish for our mother and her quality of life is a joy to witness. All the anxieties surrounding her living alone are no longer of concern to us. We are so very grateful to everyone in St Tereasa’s for their kindness, excellent care and true dedication to our mom. MB"





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